Scratch Cooking Heats Up In The UK.

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As Brits spend more time in the kitchen than the French. New research from Waitrose & Partners has revealed that we are a nation of scratch cooks.

The findings show that over half of us (54%) cook from scratch at least four times a week. However, while we love scratch cooking, we want to make it snappy with nearly half of Brits cooking their weekday evening meals in 30 minutes or less¹.

Cooking time can be attributed to the change in dishes people are now looking to create. Main meals are getting simpler with many people opting for lighter or healthier cooking methods² and in many cases cutting down their meat consumption³.

The figures follow recent data4 that highlighted that the UK spends more time preparing food and drink at home than the French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Supporting the retailer’s latest Beautifully Simple campaign, the research also shows that people are cooking more adventurously at home, using recipes from other international cuisines. Searches on for recipes including Tonkatsu sauce have risen by 71% in the last year, while searches for Pad Thai kits have grown by 178%.

Martin George, Customer Director at Waitrose & Partners, said: “It’s clear we’ve become a food loving nation but shoppers want to make meals in a way that’s practical for everyday life, even when they’re cooking from scratch. So recipes must be inspiring but simple and it’s got to be super-easy to find all the ingredients.”

The research indicates that nearly three quarters (74%) say they want to cook different dishes but often find new recipes too complicated or time consuming, with 22% of people saying they lack confidence in trying out new meals. But many find using shortcuts helps them to cook from scratch with half of us saying we do this for our weekday meals. What people perceive to be an acceptable shortcut includes using pre-chopped, frozen or tinned vegetables and ready made pastry¹.

Beautifully Simple aims to inspire customers to cook tasty, everyday meals with a small number of fresh ingredients. The no-fuss recipes have been created so that you’re only ever a few straightforward steps away from a tasty home-cooked meal.

The new Beautifully Simple campaign will launch on 24th April 2019 with a series of new TV adverts with a comical twist and will feature two new recipes starting with Beautifully Simple Cajun chicken with mango & quinoa.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team